Thanksgiving Food for Pets

Our pets are always there for us. Good days, bad days, average days; our furry family members bring their own little bit of joy and love to them all. And as pet parents, we’re very thankful for them too. That’s why this Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show them our appreciation.

Making them their own Thanksgiving plate is a great place to start. However, as you probably know, feeding them our table food is not exactly good for them. Luckily there are some things you can prepare for them while you’re cooking that they will love!

  • Lean white meat turkey

Cats and dogs both can enjoy some of this year’s turkey. Just make sure it is lean, skinless pieces of white meat. The grease from the skin and dark meay can upset their tummies. And make sure not to give your pets any meat with bones, they could ingest bone splinters which can lead to pretty serious conditions like internal bleeding and death.

  • Plain Potatoes & vegetables

While you’re making up your mashed potatoes, yams, carrots and green bean casserole, set some aside for you pup. Before you laden them with all of our decadent add-ons like cream, butter, spices, dip them out a serving. Our pet’s stomachs can’t handle rich food we enjoy, but they can enjoy fresh vegetables. Plus, the bonus of knowing their eating the same food as you!

  • Pumpkin

Almost everyone loves pumpkin this time of year. And it’s especially good for our pets. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking pumpkin pie filling is the same as fresh pumpkin. It’s not the same. If you want to give your dog a special Thanksgiving dessert treat, think of giving him some fresh, pureed, plain pumpkin.

  • Homemade treats

If you have some extra time and you’re in the kitchen, why not make them they’re own little treat? It can be pretty easy to whip up some home made treats just for them. They are sure to love you for it! Check out these awesome treat recipes from

It’s pretty simple to include your pets into your Thanksgiving meal and we should. After all, we are very thankful for them too!





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