Pets and Thanksgiving: Six Safety Tips & Tricks

Fall is here and the holidays are near. But we’re not the only ones dreaming about our homes filling with sweet aroma of Thanksgiving food. Our little four-legged friends enjoy it too. I mean, think of how fantastic it smells to us and we only have a fraction of the olfaction that they do.

Planning the big feast is a big undertaking. Most of our kitchens turn into a bustle of activity, food, family and fun. It’s easy for our pets to get mixed in all of the commotion. Knowing a few good safety tips will help make sure they stay safe and healthy.

1. Talk to guests about table scraps

While it’s fine to give your pets a little taste of lean turkey and fresh veggies, make sure guests know that table scraps are not allowed. It can be terribly hard to say no to those pleading eyes, but it could lead to a world of digestive issues.

2. Immediately dispose of trash bags with food waste

Our pets know that there are delicious little samples of Thanksgiving in those bags. If you get distracted they can easily try to tear into it. Needless to say there are tons of things in there that could make them sick, not to mention the mess!

3. Keep an eye on children’s interactions with pets

Pets and children can be the best of friends, but they can also be double trouble. That’s why keeping an eye on both of them is very important.

4. Give them a quiet area

If your pets are nervous or flight risks, it may be best to set them up a room just for them. Let guests know that room is off limits. Put tons of toys and treats, along with their bed. Then turn on a radio or the TV on low volume to drown out the noise and help them relax.

5. Make sure they have on updated tags

With guests coming in and out there is always a chance your pet could get out. That’s why it is imperative that their microchips and tags are current.

6. Make arrangements if you’re going out of town

If you’re leaving for the weekend, making sure your pets are taken care of is very important. They can get into a lot of trouble on their own (spilt water bowls, trapped or tangled in cords, etc). Hiring a pet sitter or setting them up for boarding will ensure they are safe.

We all want to have a successful and joyful Thanksgiving and taking just a few moments to check off a safety list goes a long way.

Stayed tuned next week for some great recipes and treat ideas for your pets to eat this Thanksgiving.


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