Just a Typical Day

Some people may wonder what it’s like to be a dog walker or a pet sitter. Every day is different, but typically, there’s a routine. For us here at Sniff and Go, we have a number of steps we take at every visit to ensure our furry friends are well taken care of. 

Today, I saw a couple named Wallace and Darwin. Both Wallace and Darwin are German Shepherds (or a mix of) and get along quite well with each other!  Before actually taking care of these pups, a meeting with their owners always takes place to ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to the duties that need to be completed and things to be aware of. 

For Wallace (pictured above), he’s an older fellow. He moves a bit slower and likes to keep his distance from his very energetic doggy sister.  Darwin and Wallace are super stoked to have a very cool backyard that allows them to run around and do their bathroom business. Since Wallace appreciates taking his time and Darwin likes to run laps, backyard play lets them both do their preferred methods of exercise. 

Darwin (pictured below) is almost the complete opposite from Wallace in terms of energy. She could probably play fetch for hours if we let her!  You see, the trick is to gather multiple tennis balls.  If you throw one, she will run after it to fetch it, but then she likes to hold on to it.  That’s why you have multiple tennis balls… She will drop the one in her mouth by your feet to go after the one you have just tossed.  She’s getting smart to this game though – she’s learned how to fit multiple balls in her mouth!  The most I’ve seen her carry is two🎾🎾, but I always have more so this routine is non stop for her and she loves it!

After lots of running for Darwin and sunbathing for Wallace, it’s time to wrap it up and bring the pups back inside. 

Their water bowl is refreshed with clean cool water and they each get a frozen Kong filled with treats topped off with peanut butter. 

I say my goodbyes and secure their home to complete the visit. 

As I walk out of their home, I’ve got layers of dirt and lots of slobber on my jeans… But a smile on my face😊. 


Published by

Sniff and Go LLC

Established in 2009. At Sniff and Go, we believe that being a truly great dog-walking and pet-sitting service is all about making owners happy and pets even happier. We insist that there's no limit to the peace-of-mind that a pet service can provide for its clients, and so, we've partnered with an innovative method for tracking the entirety of our visit, keeping you informed on everything from the walking route we traveled with your pet, their bathroom activity, and even photos and notes about how the visit went. We love your pets as much as you do, and we look forward to ensuring that you return to find them safe, healthy, and as happy as can be. Reach out to us today and let Sniff and Go become your best friend's second-best friend!

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